‘Education is for life not for mere living’ – is the theme of all the activities in the institution. Gurukulam has incorporated many co-curricular / extra curricular/ cultural activities in order to motivate and bring out the best from the students.

1. Sports and Games Facilities: The school has a large playground containing all the facilities for playing various games and sports like Football, Volley ball, Badminton, Ball badminton, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket etc. The playground has provision for track and field events too. The school possesses the necessary equipment for it. For the primary children the school possesses the play equipment such as Rainbow ladder, ABC ladder, Merry-go-round, Seesaw, Swings, Graded horizontal bars, Slide etc. The indoor play equipment consists of carom boards, table tennis, chess etc. The students are given able guidance by well-trained and skilled teacher. Further regular intramural level competitions are held which enable the students to come out with their talents. Students are also participating and winning in the various competitions organized by the various organizations at the town, state and national level.

2. Cultural Activities: The students take active part in many Cultural activities round the year on various occasions such as Bhagavan Baba’s Birth Day, School day, National Functions and Festival Days such as Christmas, Krishnashtami etc. The different activities include one act plays, skits, mimes, dances, musical concerts, gymnastics and pyramid formations etc. The school also regularly presenting a drama every year at Prasanthinilayam which has both national and international audience.

3. Extra Curricular Activities: In order to develop and encourage the writing skills regular competitions in essays, poems etc. are conducted. Regular contributions from the students make the various bulletin boards buzz with activity. In order to develop the listening skills, the students are made to listen to the talks given by various persons in the fields of language, literature and spirituality. For the purpose of improving the speaking skill, everyday one student of the higher classes is made to address the morning assembly in the fields of science, spirituality, humanities and current affairs. Further regular elocutions and debates are held at intra class and intramural levels to develop the skill. Regular Quiz competitions are also held to test the knowledge in sciences, humanities, current affairs and G.K. etc. The students also learn prayers, hymns, bhajans and carols of various religions. Students are participating and winning the various competitions organized by the various organizations of the town.

Unique Practices in the School

  • Morning assembly prayer : Morning assembly starts with Sarvadharma prayer where the students pray to the Universal Lord who is called by different names by different beliefs and religions such as Narayana, Siddha, Buddha, Skandha, Vinayaka, Savitha, Brahma, Majda, Yehova, Shakthi, Jesus, Rudra, Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, Rahim, Tao, Vasudeva, Viswaroopa, and Shiva. It will make the students to understand Unity of all Religions and Brotherhood of man from their young age.
  • Morning talk : To develop communicative skills and to build self confidence in the students the Morning Talk activity is scheduled in the Assembly. All the teachers will be allotted the students from classes VIII to X where in they guide the students to deliver the talk. The students speak on various topics like Spirituality, Humanities, Science and Current affairs which bring awareness of various events, scientists and their discoveries, Current trends in Science, famous personalities & their contributions, Human values and Culture. It is greatly improving the skill of public speaking in students.
  • Thought for the day : Starting the School with the Pure thought is the main idea of reading Thought for the day in the School assembly. Students of classes VI and VII are made to read ‘Thought for the day’. Besides improving the students’ reading skill it is also removing stage fear in them.
  • Thursday Prayer session: It starts with few Bhajans followed by Veda chanting. Children are divided into Primary and Secondary groups. It enables the teachers and the students to have more interesting sessions through Bhagawan’s Divine discourses on Indian culture, Radio sai programmes, Guest speakers and Teachers’ talks on our epics etc. These sessions enable the students to understand Indian culture
  • English bulletin board: The English bulletin board is put up on every Monday with grammar aspects such as proverbs, common errors & its correct usage, confused words etc. English bulletin board helps the students to rectify their mistakes in the usage of the language and enhances the better learning of the language.
  • News board : Every day the Students write the highlights of International, National and sports news. It helps the children to be aware of day to day events happening around the world.
  • Thought for the day board: Everyday a Divine thought is shared in English and Telugu language on ‘Thought for the day’ board.
  • Class on Human values: Every day after the Assembly, the morning session of the School starts with Human values class where in teachers teach on moral values, importance of our culture etc. The students also chant Prayers and Stotras.
  • Meditation: Every day in the beginning of 3rd period the students have a short mediation session. This session encourages silent sitting with peace of mind and helps to focus on their subjects with improved concentration.
  • Workshops and Talks by Alumni and Distinguished Guests: Talks, workshops and orientation classes are being organized in the school premises by alumni of the Sri Satha Sai Institution, Sri Sathya Sai Organisation members and distinguished guests.
  • Mass drill: To develop co-ordination of mind and body a massive activity is introduced in the School known as Mass drill. Every Monday and Wednesday students take part this activity. It helps the students to become physically fit and mentally disciplined through structured repetitive practical exercises.
  • Drawing: To bring out the innate artistic talents and to develop motor skills, concentration and observation drawing periods are scheduled for all classes. With that training and inspiration many students are winning International, National, State, District, Local level competitions conducted by

I. ISKCON International

II. Lions Club

III. Wonder Art World

IV. Art Village

V. ViswaKala darshini

VI. Fragrance of Art buds

VII. The Hindu

VIII. Rotary Club

IX. Jaycee Club

X. Canada High Commission etc.

  • Friday Activity: Education is derived from the word “Educare” which means to bring from within. We give equal priority to secular education and co- curricular activities to bring out the innate talents in the students. Every Friday we conduct various activities and competitions throughout the academic year known as FRIDAY ACTIVITY. In this we include events such as;

I. Word building

II. Story telling

III. Just a minute

IV. Riddles

V. Quiz

VI. Memory game

VII. Pictionary

VIII. Origami

IX. Bhajan Antyakshari

X. Singing

XI. Drawing

XII. Poem recitation

XIII. Bhagavadgita Sloka recitation

XIV. Debate

XV. Group discussions

XVI. Hand Writing

XVII. Veda chanting ( Group & Individual)

XVIII. Essay writing

XIX. Spell Bee

XX. Panel discussion

XXI. Elocution

XXII. Situation Analysis

XXIII. Dumb charades

XXIV. Class Activity – This involves the participation and performance of whole class such as songs, dances, skits etc.

  • Clubs: Activities are being conducted in various Clubs such as Language club, Public speaking club, Drawing club, Science club etc. Students are allowed to select any of the clubs as per their interest.

Language club : Language clubs are held in three languages ( English, Telugu, Hindi ) where in the students learn the history and importance of the language and various literary personalities and their contributions to the language. They learn how to express their thoughts in word and writing along with other skills.

Public speaking: Students learn to face the audience without stage fear and speak confidently. They develop their oratory and communicative skills.

Drawing : Students are given different topics to show their creativity in drawing through appreciation of nature and colours. It develops concentration and observation along with other innovative skills.

Science: Students observe various science experiments performed by the teachers in the laboratory. It develops scientific temper and attitude in them. It also provides practical experience to them.

Maths: Students will take part in various activities like solving Number Puzzles, quizzes, Riddles, shortcuts in Arithmetic knowing about Great Mathematicians and their contributions.

4. Educational Tours: Every year students are taken on Educational Tours to places such as Prasanthinilayam.

Summer Course: Students of X class participate in the Annual Summer course held in Prasanthnilayam. By listening to the eminent speakers there, students get more knowledge in Indian Culture and Spirituality.

Grama seva: Students participate in Gram Seva during Dasara Vacation. They take part in Food packing and distribution as a part of Gram Seva and learn the importance of service.

Annual Sports Meet: Every year the students also visit Prasanthinilayam to witness the Annual Sports and Cultural Meet to get the inspiration.

5. Socially Useful And Productive Work [Supw] & Community Service: Students take active part in SUPW activities such as kitchen gardening, candle making, book covering, broom making, garment repairing and preparation of phenyl, pain balm, soaps, cleaning powder etc. In addition under weekly mass SUPW Programme, all the children engage in campus cleaning, neighborhood cleaning and tree planting etc. As part of a community service Programme, the students do the food serving in the dining hall. The students also do the decoration work for school functions such as Independence Day, Republic day, Children’s day etc.

6. Bulletin Boards: Apart from class room boards there are several bulletin boards for the purpose of Sports, Science, Humanities, Daily News and Thought for the day etc. which would make the child to know more, get abreast with the current affairs, acquire wisdom and in the process stimulate him to offer creative contributions.

Achievements in Drawing & Painting


1. 1997 & 1998 - Our school achieved “The Best School” award for winning the maximum number of prizes (Rajahmundry ChitrakalaNiketan).

2. 1999-Several students had won prizes. (Camel colors contest).

3. 2000 to 2003 –Our students won the “Wonder Kid Award” these years. The Art Teacher was honoured with the “ The Best Art Teacher” Award.

4. 2002 –Our school achieved the rare distinction of winning the highest number of prizes at A.P region level in the most reputed “All India Camel Color Contest”. They won a total of 9 prizes which consisted of state 1st place, 2nd place (2 students), 3rd place (2 students) and three consolation prizes. Our student also bagged the Grand prix award (Young Envoys International)

5. 2004 -Our art teacher was honored with “Vishishta Acharya Puraskar”from Viswakaladarshini.Our students also bagged several prizes.

6. 2005 -Our student was selected for the state level art competition conducted by all India (N.P.T.C) and also bagged several other prizes from all over A.P

7. 2006 -Our school received an appreciation certificate from UNESCO as several students participated in the painting competition (MitsubishiAsian Children’s EnikkiFesta 2006-07).

8. 2007 - 16thInternational children’s painting competition on the environment conducted by UNEP, BAYER, NIKON foundation for global peace and environment.

i. Two students from our school were the only students to be selected from India. These two painting posters were released by UNEP in 2007.

9. 2008 –Our school got an appreciation certificate in the “Plant for the planet” painting competition conducted by Japan.

10. 2009 to 2018- Our students bagged several prizes continuously for 10 years from ISKCON, Rajahmundry.

11. 2012, 2016, 2017, 2019-Our students’ paintings were selected in the Lions Club of India Peace poster competition. Students got prize money of Rs.13,000/-, 10,000/- and 5000/-.

12. 2016 –In Think wind, water and sun renewable energy for the future conducted by Facebook,one of our student’s painting was published in their 2016 calendar.

13. 2017 to 2019 -Our students were selected for the state level painting competition and were awarded cash prizes of Rs. 15,000/-, 7,500/-, 5,000 and 2,000/-

In 2019 , one of our students bagged the state level 2nd prize of Rs. 30,000/- and was also selected for the national level painting competition on 12-12-2019 at New Delhi. A total of 216 participants were selected for the national level out of 85 lakhs entries received.

In 2019 – Our teacher had won the “Best Art Teacher” award from Dream Art Academy VZW.

14. Over the years our students have also received several prizes and awards from various organizations at local, state, national and international levels conducted by:


B. Joycee club

C. Rotary club

D. Lions club

E. Rajahmundry chitrakalaniketan

F. Rajajichitrakalaparishad

G. Viswakaladarshini

H. Wonder Art World

I. KonaseemaChitrakalaParishad

J. The Hindu poster competition

K. Wnergy conservation painting competition by N.T.P.C.

L. L.I.C of India

M. Bhagirathi Art foundation

N. Pattiseema art academy

O. Dream art academy

P. Police commemoration

Q. Fragnance of art buds

R. Camel color contest

S. Hindi premimandali

T. Art village.

All these achievements speak of the artistic talents of our students.

Achievements in Other Competitions


The students have been participating in various competitions since 2002 held by various local organizations like Jaycees Club, Rotary Club, and Hindi Premi Mandali etc.

2002 – Our students achieved the1st, 2nd and the consolation prize in the English essay writing competition.They also won an award in the English elocution competitions conducted by ISKCON.

2003 - Our students securedthe 1st and 2nd place in Hindi recitation, 2nd place in English and 3rd place in telugu elocution competitions.Our students also secured a 3rd place in telugu essay writing competition and won two consolation prizes competitions conducted by Hindi Premimandali.

2004 - 2015- Our students bagged several prizes in elocution, essay writing competitions conducted by ISKCON.

2010 – 2016 -Our students bagged three 1st prizes, two 2nd prizes and two 3 rdprizes in the elocution and essay writing competitions conducted by the Jaycee club.

2016-2017 - Our students won the1st prize and the 2nd prize in the quiz competition conducted by the Rotary club of Rajahmundry.

2016-2018 - Our students secured the 1st place (State) in the quiz conducted by Bharath Vikas Parishad

2015-2018 - Our studentsreceived 3 first prizes and 2 second prizes and 4 third prizes in the BhagawadGita sloka competition conducted by T.T.D.

2016 –Our students bagged the second prize (Kindles) in 2016 as well as in 2017 (cycles) in the Dheerubhai Ambani quiz competition.

2015 - Our students received the 1st prize at the regional level (2015) and 1st and 2nd prize at the school level (2016) in the essay writing competition conducted by Ramchandra mission.

2019 - Our students bagged two prizes in the English elocution competition conducted by the Rotary club of Rajahmundry. They also bagged one prize each in Telugu elocution and English essay competition.

These achievements testify the versatile abilities of our students.

Our School is full-fledged and over the years has gained more experience and toned up or added to the many of its existing activities and facilities. Our School is singularly unique in offering Value oriented Integral Education to the students free of charges. We take great pride in maintaining the Institution with sustained creative zeal, verve and vitality; and wish to take it to greater heights.