Gurukulam campus is situated in the historic city of Rajahmundry located on the banks of the serene and mighty river Godavari. It is spread in a tranquil environ of twenty-four acres consisting ornamental trees, coconut garden, buildings and vast playground. The major buildings include two School buildings, two Hostel buildings, Prayer hall, Dining hall, Auditorium, Guest house, and also contain the quarters for Principal and the Warden.


School Buildings & Infrastructure

The school buildings consists of well-equipped classrooms, library, laboratories, audio-visual room, sports room in addition to the staff rooms, office and the Principal’s room. All the rooms are well ventilated and fitted with fluorescent lights and fans.

school_west_block school_north_block

1. Classrooms: There are 22 Classrooms of sizes 7.31 X 7.69 meters(10) and 7.2 X 6.5 meters(12), which are well-ventilated and furnished with benches, desks, dual desks, tables, chairs and daises. The rooms are provided with huge black boards. All the classes are connected with high speed Internet. Many class rooms are provided with projectors & screens for audio visual purpose.

2. Library: The library is situated in a large hall of size 14.5 X 6.5 meters consists of about 5000 assorted books well chosen in the fields of Science, Spirituality, and Humanities etc. arranged in the various cupboards fitted with glass doors and locks. The library is provided with reading tables, chairs, magazine rack etc. The range of books include about seven hundred reference books such as Encyclopedia of Britannica, The World Book Encyclopedia, Academic American Encyclopedia, New Standard Encyclopedia, Dictionaries etc. and two thousand subject books in the fields of Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Spirituality, Sports and Computers and about two thousand children’s books. In the magazine section, the library gets about fifteen various magazines such as Reader’s Digest, Front line, Sanathana Sarathi, Telugu Velugu, BalaBharatham, Annadatha, Sports Star and Kids’ National Geographic etc. The library also gets two daily newspapers viz. The Hindu and Eenadu.


3. Laboratories: The School possesses well-ventilated laboratory facilities to perform all the experiments in the curriculum. Since the school prepared students for ISC examinations (XII class) in the year 1990 the labs have all the equipments at the ISC level too. The labs have facilities to accommodate a number of students to carry out the experiments individually at a time.

· Physics Laboratory: The laboratory is of size 7.2 X 6.5 meters and is equipped with various scientific apparatus to perform the experiments in the field of mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity and magnetism etc. The lab is provided with wooden worktables with built in cupboards and black board. The lab is also equipped with a number of Experiment related charts, Scientist charts, three-dimensional models etc.

Physics Lab

· Chemistry Laboratory: The laboratory is well ventilated of size 14.5 X 6.5 meters and equipped. The lab is provided with concrete worktables, cupboards for storing the chemicals and apparatus and a huge black board etc. The concrete worktables are provided with wooden racks for placing the chemical and reagent bottles, Bunsen burners, gas connections and porcelain sinks with taps etc. The lab consists of several apparatus, consumable and non-consumable articles, glassware and metal ware etc. to perform experiments. The range of apparatus includes weighing machine, distillation plant, water bath, oven, centrifuge etc. The lab is also equipped with a number of charts, three-dimensional models etc.

Chemistry Lab

· Biology Laboratory: The laboratory is well ventilated of size 7.2 X 6.5 meters and equipped. The lab is provided with worktables and chairs, demonstrator’s table, dais, a huge black board, wash basin etc. The lab consists of botanical and zoological specimens. The zoological specimens consist of both vertebrate and invertebrate specimens. The lab has varieties of Microscopes such as compound, dissecting and dissection microscope projector etc., and apparatus to perform physiology, biochemistry experiments. The lab further consists of charts, slides, three-dimensional models, plastic models, a skeleton etc. All the specimens are exhibited in cupboards with glass doors.

Biology Lab

4. Computer Facility: The School has full-fledged air conditioned Computer Lab well furnished with 29 tables, 50 chairs, projector, audio setup, 2 servers and 25 client systems fitted with UPS and connected with High speed Internet with WIFI.

computer lab

5. Drinking water: The School is provided with 2 purified drinking water facilities with drinking water taps.

6. Toilets: The school is having two toilet blocks containing 63 urinals and 14 wash rooms with running water facility. The faculty has been provided with separate wash rooms in the both School buildings.



The school has well-trained, qualified, experienced, knowledgeable and skilful Teaching faculty of 18 members highly committed to discharge their duties.

  1. Qualified T.G.T - 9 nos.
  2. Qualified P.R.T - 7 nos.
  3. Qualified P.E.T - 1 nos.
  4. Qualified Councilor and Wellness Teacher - 1 nos.

The non-teaching faculty and staff include 1 office assistant, 1 Librarian, 1 junior office assistant and 1 attender etc.


In order to make the teaching interesting and informative and imaginative, the school is equipped with a large number of teaching and audio-visual aids. The teaching aids include -

1. A large number of charts pertaining to science, language, history and geography. The Science charts are most colourful and of exceptional quality.

2. Physical and political maps of the world and its continents.

3. Plastic, clay, and other three-dimensional models viz. organs of the human body, skeleton, atomic models, globe etc.

The audio-visual aids of the school include projectors in many class rooms. Auditorium and Computer room are also used for the purpose of listening and seeing the various educational audio and videos etc.


To cater the various needs of the school, the Gurukulam campus has many additional facilities.

1. AUDITORIUM: The school has a huge modern auditorium containing a full- fledged stage, an audio visual system and seven hundred cushion chairs. The auditorium is used to conduct various meetings, activities, drama presentations and also view educational film shows.


2. GUEST HOUSE: The campus also has a guesthouse with 4 well-furnished suits; a central hall and two sit outs for the distinguished guests who visit the campus.

3. HOSTEL: The Gurukulam campus has a full-fledged hostel comprising two buildings (2 + 3 floors) of dormitories and one building containing two dining halls, one kitchen, and one prayer hall. Each hostel floor contains well-ventilated dormitories, floor wise wash rooms etc. The dormitories are equipped with individual cupboards, fans and lights, shoe racks etc. The kitchen and dining halls are having all the cooking facilities, gadgets etc. There is a large prayer hall with an altar, fitted with audio visual facilities where the students conduct early morning and evening prayers. The hostel has adequate number of staff such as tutors, cooks, ayahs, and sweepers etc. to take care of the student needs. A well-qualified Nurse is present in the hostel to give medical aid.and a doctor visits the hostel everyday to tend the health of the children. The Hostel runs on no Profit basis.

Juniors Hostel Seniors Hostel Prayer Hall Prayer Hall