1. To make the student attain good character.

2. To develop the sense of duty, discipline, devotion and foster the qualities of purity, simplicity, humility and selflessness.

3. To make the student instill the five Universal Principles as enshrined by Bhagavan Baba– Sathya the truth, Dharma the righteousness, Shanthi the peace, Prema the love, and Ahimsa the non-violence.

4. To make the student understand Unity of all Religions and Brotherhood of men.

5. To make the student develop the Unity of the thought, word and deed; love for God, fear of sin and morality in society.

6. To make the student proficient in Academics.

7. To develop a sound mind in a sound body by encouraging games and sports and also to achieve a coherent development of body, mind and soul.

8. To develop the aesthetic sense of student by encouraging fine arts.

9. To make the student realize the glory of our ancient Indian culture and appreciate world cultures and heritage.

10. To make the student understand and appreciate the Nature, create the awareness of Environment and its well being and realize his social responsibility.


The Academic year lasts from June to May. The School has a long break of summer (April-May) and short breaks for Dasara and Sankranthi vacations. The First term lasts from June to September, the Second term from October to December and the Third term from January to March.


Admission of new students for class I shall be made every year on the basis of oral and written tests held in the beginning of the Academic session.


The Curriculum for the classes I to X is in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by ‘Council For The Indian School Certificate Examinations’, New Delhi and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Examinations will be held at the end of class 10. The subjects include English, Language, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology in higher classes), Social Studies (History, civics and Geography), Drawing and Painting, General Knowledge, Physical Education and SUPW. The IX and X students also read Commercial Applications/ Computer Applications. As per the three language formulae the students who opt for second language Telugu would study Hindi as third language and the students who opt for second language Hindi would study Telugu as third language from class V to VIII.


For assessing the student’s understanding of the subjects various examinations such as Slip tests, Unit tests, Terminal Examinations, Assignments/ Projects are conducted throughout the year culminating with the Annual Examinations. Consolidated marks of all subjects are given at the end of the year.


The school buildings consists of well-equipped classrooms, library, laboratories, audio-visual room, sports room in addition to the staff rooms, office and the Principal’s room. All the rooms are well ventilated and fitted with fluorescent lights and fans.